The 100

Research: The 100 is an interactive interview tool that allows you to dicuss life most important ideas.

  • Discuss What You Believe Head-to-Head
  • Find Out if You Agree with Friends
  • Determine What You Really Believe
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Compare your beliefs with those of a friend.

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The discussion that you start can happen anywhere.

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Dozens of experts and years of research have created the questions.

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Research: The 100 allows you to store Prepaid rewards to gift those you interview.


What is Research: The 100?

Research: The 100 is a tool that was created for individuals that want to question their belief and explore the beliefs of their friends regarding issues such as religion, justice and punishment.

Research: The 100 presents mock court cases that you and a friend ask questions about. The question you ask are meant to create a discussion about the plausibility of what you believe, the difference between your beliefs (if any) and whether it matters to issues related to justice and punishment

  • Intriguing questions of guilt and innocence
  • Be the judge as you question legal cases
  • Determine if you belief affects judgement or punishment